I stir this sugar into my herbal tea.  The last I used it I was drinking Vanilla Hazelnut herbal Dessert Tea by Celestial Seasonings. Little black flecks of vanilla bean swam into every sip.  It was lovely.

This sugar is also fantastic to use for the top of crème brûlée.

I stored mine in a Fido jar I found at World Market.

vanilla tea sugar

1 vanilla bean
2 cups (450 g) raw sugar (also called Turbinado or demerara sugar)

1.  Slice the vanilla bean longways, and scrape out seeds with the side of a paring knife.  In a medium bowl, stir vanilla bean seeds with sugar, breaking up as many of the clusters of seeds as you can.
2.  Place sugar in an airtight container along with the vanilla pod.*



* Any time you use vanilla beans in the future, add them to the jar.  If the whole pods have been steeped in cream (for crème brûlée or something), simply rinse the pods off, allow to dry, and add them to the jar.

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