The people at Oxo Good Grips asked me if I would like to review some of their products and sent me their food mill, their kitchen scale, a salad spinner, and a cheese grater (These photographs were taken by the good folks at Oxo, not by me).

Here is what I think:

the food mill:

I actually just talked about how much I love this product on a recent post.

Besides what I already said about this, I love the fact that it comes apart and is completely dishwasher safe. Another great feature is it is perfectly safe for kids to use, and I often have my four-year-old turn the crank. He always gets excited when I bring it out, because he knows he can help mommy in the kitchen. I give it 4 stars.

the rotary cheese grater:

This cheese grater is pretty effective, and I love it for grating Parmesan cheese.

The real genius of this product lies in a small plastic cover that clips on one end. This way, you can place a chunk of cheese, grate what you need, put the cover on the end, and store the whole thing in the fridge until you’re ready to use it again. The cheese doesn’t dry out, and you don’t have to clean it in between usages. It’s brilliant.
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the salad spinner:

I’ve never had one of these before.

I like this one because, once again, it’s so fun to use, my kids run to help. They love to push the big green button up and down. It is so well-balanced that it will spin one press of the button for dozens of rotations. It’s fast and does well at whisking away the water on the lettuce leaves.

My friend and I both like to keep lettuce in here as a crisper as well.

the kitchen scale:

I don’t think they could have made a product more simple to use than this.

It is so easy, you really don’t have to read any instructions. You simple push the power button, press the button to decide if you want the measurements in grams or ounces, and then you place your bowl on top. Press the button that says “zero,” wait, and then when the display says zero, you add your ingredients to the measurement you need. I love this scale.

Oxo has impressed me once again. I would recommend all four of these products to my readers.

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