Hey. How is everyone?  I have been dying to post this picture for ages now.  A couple years ago, this HUGE butterfly landed on the lilac bush in our back yard.  It let us hold it, pass it between the kids, and take pictures of it.  After about ten minutes, it reluctantly flew away.  Pretty amazing.  There you go, now you can see my picture.

Alright, so last night, as I was feeling sorry for myself, I stopped by cJane.

Of course, I came away feeling grateful for my own life and how it’s going, when she talked about Carol Decker. She is a beautiful young mom who, during an emergency Caesarian section, which caused an infection that led to more complications, lost her legs, left arm, and her eyesight.  

Reading her story sure made me stop whining.  When I started to blog last year I thought, “Oh, la-dee-dah, this will be fun, I’ll put up pictures of food and kids and stuff, and try to make my life look interesting.”  It has been that, quite a bit — it’s been very fun. But on the other hand, it has taken me to the depths of some people’s lives on such a personal level, I don’t know if I’ll ever be the same.  I’m sure many of you are familiar with Nie-Nie, and how she survived a small plane crash with her husband last year.  I can only read her blog every week or two, because I just end up sobbing.  She is so brave, so filled with love.  She never lets herself get down for too long, when to me it seems she has every right to.  After reading each post, I am inspired to cherish my own life, and the trials I have that teach me to be a better person

It has been about a year since Carol’s terrible ordeal, and caring individuals are hosting an online silent auction to raise money for the overwhelming medical bills.

The auction will start on the 14th, so get ready.  If you click on that link above, it will let you know how you can bid, or donate items and money.