hunger-gamesLately, the only characters keeping my nose between the pages are a girl from Arizona and a boy who has been alive since 1901. Reading seems to be more difficult when all my time is taken up by kids and blogging and writing (forget cleaning!).
However, my friend brought me The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins (the same book Stephenie Meyer recommended on her website) last week, and when I finally decided to read it, I was hooked.  I finished it in a little over a day.
Set in the future, in a place formerly known as North America, it is the story of a teenage girl who is thrown into a game with twenty-three other teenagers who must fight to the death.
Though probably not a book for those who cannot handle Lord of the Flies, it is free of profanity, and promotes themes of hope and humanity.
Romantic and ironic, haunting and thrilling,  The Hunger Gamesis an excellent read.

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