Over the last few months, several companies have sent us products to review. We wanted to post a few of our favorites.

This little guy is Karsen, our next door neighbor. He’s modeling clothes from Wittlebee, an online kids’ clothing club. When you join the club, you pay $40 a month and receive this beautiful box every month. Inside are six items carefully wrapped in tissue.


Their high quality clothing is fun and varied. Some is graphic and neutral, like the green and white striped shirt, which we paired with the orange long sleeve shirt underneath, and some is more keen to reveal some personality, like this one with a silk screened Cat in the Hat. Karsen can now show his peers his literary interests far surpass his age.



If I were ever to have a baby again (which my daughter is always asking me to do, to which I reply: it’s impossible, seeing as I don’t have a husband right now), I would want someone to give me a Wittlebee membership. Maybe I’ll just have to get one for a friend who’s having a baby instead.


The next product gave us hours of entertainment. Wikki Stix are these strings covered in wax that can be molded and shaped into virtually anything. The P.F. Chang’s in Colorado Springs used to give little packages of these to the kids instead of crayons and kids’ menus, and my kids would opt to go that restaurant all the time. It’s all in the incentives, people. If you want your family-friendly restaurant to do well, bribe the kids. Don’t go cheap on crappy crayons.


Wikki Stix also sent us a huge tube filled with extra long Wikki Stix, which made it feel like Christmas a week early around here. My kids (ages 7, 9, and 12) were occupied for hours making rings, switch plate covers, signs on the walls, and just about anything else they could think of. They’re the perfect toy to foster imagination and quality un-plugged time.

Oh, and though it may be a little early to be thinking of Valentine’s Day, I just discovered Wikki Stix has a Valentine’s kit, complete with a box your kid can decorate and fifty mini packets of Wikki Stix to give out to their friends at the class party. Yeah, if you get one of these kits for your kids, you’ll be the coolest parent around, I promise.


The last product we tried out was something we had never heard of. Apparently, we weren’t all as hip as we thought we were. Shainsware makes these cute headbands, which are a funky way for girls to express themselves. Each headband comes with a small bag of letters and symbols that you snap into little holes on the flexible headband.


My daughter made hers say “You rock my world.”


They come in all kinds of colors, and they make a perfect birthday gift.