The moment I met Shannon, I wanted to be her friend. The moment I saw her house, I wanted to be her.

She and her husband have been working on this little house in the middle of a city, lovingly finishing each detail. From the trim, to the fireplace, to the transom windows, every little thing is perfect in its own right. Outside, they have a workshop, a garden, chickens, and a tree house. They have created this beautiful balance of city living and the simplicity of the country.


Last fall just before we put together the Thanksgiving post, Shannon and I planned to do a little post about her chickens for the blog. We decided to do it the week before Easter, since that was the perfect time to showcase the eggs.


As I followed everybody around with my camera, my daughter played in the tree house, while my boys learned how to pick up chickens (You can see how proud my youngest is by his newest skill!).   As Shannon plotted out her garden boxes, her oldest son showed me inside the chicken coup and collected blue and brown eggs, and her younger son found feathers for me.




Such a lovely day.  I count myself fortunate to have a small glimpse at perfection every time we visit.