Life has a way of lurching forward whether we stop to realize it or not.

Brooke and I had been planning this picnic for — oh, I don’t know, a million and one weeks. Amidst our crazy summer, that for some strange reason seemed to be filled with never ending days and weeks, was the hope of something fun and simple and perfect.


But coming up with something beautiful in the midst of chaos is a tall task, one I barely had the creative energy for.

Have you ever had a friend that doesn’t just reach out a hand when you’re struggling, but stops to carry you? In our life right now, we have several such friends, and Brooke is one of them.

summer-picnic-12 summer-picnic-11

She was the reason our picnic was wonderful.   She has a talent of making everything she sees or touches beautiful and full of life.

When we met at the mountains, Brooke’s sense of style and creativity overwhelmed me. Her children looked like they had stepped out of a modern Norman Rockwell painting, and the lunches she prepared were the epitome of old fashioned Americana.


Within each basket was nestled a sandwich to satisfy the most ravenous sweet tooth, a vintage book, confetti corn, and a root beer.


As Brooke and I ate our salads and chatted, the children wandered and played.  They were so content feeding corn on the cob to the lucky fish in the pond, we practically had to chase them down to feed them dessert.

As the afternoon rambled on, she and I shared our hopes and dreams for the future, and I was grateful we took the time to spend one last perfect moment together at the end of a very long summer.


summer-picnic-4 panna-cotta-10


To read more about the lovely and talented Brooke, be sure to click here and read her post of our picnic.

Her post made me cry.