Just a quick shout out to one of sophistimom’s new readers.  I found her blog on Stumble Upon last summer, when one of her posts caught my eye and had me laughing hysterically.  It’s called “Get Out Your Fat Pants. . . You Might Need Them,” and it gives the recipe for what looks almost like a grilled cheese sandwich, only it’s filled with roasted marshmallows and bananas and chocolate.  Ahh!  It’s. . . well—it’s so incredible there actually aren’t words for it.  Go see for yourself, and read the whole post.  You’ll laugh so hard.
Her blog is called Noble Pig (and did I mention she’s a riot?).  A recent post you all need to look at is her matzo crusted salmon.  It looks amazing, and in the morning I will be braving the snow storm to get the rest of the ingredients to make it for lunch.