Since today is my birthday, I thought it was only fitting that I should post an incredibly easy, incredibly indulgent recipe. Awhile back, when I saw my favorite grocery store was selling passionfruit, I bought up as many as I could afford. Just so I could have them. They’re usually quite tricky to find, and I didn’t want the opportunity of having some pass me by.

But have you ever bought something wonderful at the store, and then found yourself with stage fright—staring at it, without a clue how to make it shine? The first few fruits, I just cut open, and scooped out the juicy flesh and ate it with a spoon. I dare say, that is truly the best way to enjoy passionfruit. But what about all of you? I couldn’t just post my pictures of the empty, wrinkled skins, and say “Wish you had been here!”

So with the rest of the fruits, I needed some sort of vehicle. Something creamy and simple. Like a raspberry fool. I had a little tub of mascarpone cheese lying around, and some cream, so I decided to whiz those together with some sugar, and call it good. Oh, and it was.

mascarpone passionfruit fool

When choosing passionfruit, look for fruit that is heavy for its size. They are ready to cut open when the skin is wrinkled.

4-6 passionfruit
4 ounces mascarpone cheese
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup cream

1. Cut passionfruit open and scoop out flesh and seeds and place in a small bowl. Set aside.

2. In a medium size bowl, beat together mascarpone and sugar until sugar is dissolved. Slowly pour in cream, and beat until smooth and soft peaks form. Spoon into bowls and top with passionfruit.