I have long maintained the feeling that I should raise my kids to be polite.  But since I started the blog, I have found a lot of media out there that says teaching your kids to say please and thank you is an unnecessary hoop to make them jump through just so that adults feel better.  What a load of rubbish!  We raise our children to be polite so that they can learn to look outward instead of constantly toward themselves — so they can put off their natural tendencies to be selfish for part of the day.  This is a blog, so I won’t bore you with any rantings and ravings — that would be impolite.  But, if you do believe in teaching your kids manners, Emily Post has a list of downloadable printouts for teaching them.  Right before a nice dinner, I like to sit down with the kids and review the one entitled “Top Table Manners for Kids.”  That way, during the meal, I don’t have to keep nagging –elbows off the table! stop chewing with your mouth open! Instead, I can simply raise my eyebrows at them, and they get the picture.

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