Here’s a little interview I did with my son after we went out and bought him The Last Olympian, the fifth and final book in the Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan.

sm: How did you first find out about the Percy Jackson series?

srr: Last year, I won a reading contest at school and got a $50 Barnes and Noble card as a prize.  With the money, I bought books 1, 2, and 4.  I bought the rest later.

sm: Tell us about the books.

srr:  There are 5 books in total, written by Rick Riordan (pronounced “ry-er-don”).  They’re about a kid who is half Greek god, half mortal.  He goes on different quests in each book.

sm:  How did you like them?

srr:  They’re the best books ever!

sm:  Even better than Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia?

srr:  (nods his head with his thumbs up)

sm:  Why are they better?

srr:  It’s because they’re funnier.

sm:  How is the last book going so far?

srr:  It’s going good, even though I only just finished chapter 1.  It was the best chapter in the series so far.

sm:  How do the books make you feel?

srr:  Awesome.

sm:  Why?

srr:  It helps me learn about Greek mythology.

sm:  What age do you think is a good time to start reading these books?

srr:  10.

sm:  But you’re 9!

Well, I don’t understand all of it.  Maybe, you should be somewhere between 11 and 99.