Thank you to everyone who has already entered the contest!   (But don’t worry, if you haven’t entered yet, you still have time!)  I scouted around Williams Sonoma today and found this small bundle of kitchen tools.

The first item is the Oxo Good Grips potato peeler.  I’ve had mine for close to ten years and it still hasn’t worn out.  It’s great and worth every extra penny.  I just got my first citrus reamer a few weeks ago, and love it, especially when I only need to juice one or two lemons or limes.  My favorite is the Microplane.  You can find it in lots of kitchen stores, but the ones they sell at Williams Sonoma have a protective sleeve and rubber pads on the end to prevent slipping—two great safety features.  I use it for zesting citrus fruits, grinding fresh nutmeg, and grating fresh ginger.  The red spoonula (sorry, that link no longer has the spoonulas—only spatulas) is a favorite.  I use it for spooning dry ingredients into batter when I use the mixer, or for cooking in nonstick pans, or whatever else.

If you haven’t entered yet, get cooking, and post a comment to tell me about it. Best of luck!

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