I just want to thank you all for coming to my blog on babble. It’s fun to post some of my easier, quicker food ideas over there, and I know sometimes you may be wondering where I’ve been. For example, right now, I am hosting a cookie contest over there, with a prize from Icebox Bakery.

They are a really fun, all-natural cookie company based in Colorado. I discovered their cookie dough at a Whole Foods, and really love it. Go check out my post on babble where I am hosting the contest.

Here is what the winner will receive:


Included in the set is a quarter-sized baking sheet, a spatula, a cookie cookbook, adorable dish rags, a cooling rack, and cookie cutters. Icebox Bakery will also send the winner a sample of their cookie dough! Please place all entries on the other post.

Also, please visit Icebox Bakery’s twitter page to follow them, and become a fan on their facebook page!