Each one of my kids had a party in school for Dr. Seuss’s birthday. The two in elementary even got to dress in their PJs and read books all day.

Last week, my oldest son played him in the school wax museum. It was so cute—all the fifth graders had done a report on one of the fifty states, and then had to play an important person from that state. Each one of them dressed up, and struck a pose at their seat until someone would press a fake button on their desk.


Then he or she would recite a twenty second bit on who they were, and what they did. There was a Mickey Mantle, about three Muhammad Alis, a Jamie Hynaman from Mythbusters, and dozens more.

My son’s report had been on Massachusetts, so he picked Theodore S. Geisel, otherwise known as Dr. Seuss. Of course, I liked my son’s the best.