rapunzel's-revengeRapunzel’s Revenge, the new graphic novel by Shannon and Dean Hale, and illustrated by Nate Hale, is a modern retelling of the classic fairy tale.  Kidnapped as a child and raised by an evil witch, Rapunzel discovers the mystery of her own past and embarks on a quest to put it to rights and save the surrounding land from mystical tyranny.  With her quick whits and long locks, she saves the day more than once.  Set in a wizardy wild West and filled with comedy and girl power, it is a book unlike anything else.

Author Shannon Hale (Goose Girl, Princess Academy), along with her husband, reveals more facets of her vivid imagination.  Nate Hale (The Devil You Know) proves his talent as one of the most inventive illustrators of this generation.  And, he’s a friend of mine.  Hi, Nate!

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