How is everyone’s summer going? We only have one week left around here, and as much as I like sleeping in, it’s time for the kids (and me) to be on a schedule again.

This month, for my Goldfish Smiles article, I wrote about my kids’ grandmother, who recently passed away earlier this year. I can’t tell you how many times we had shish kabobs at her house on the back patio on Sunday afternoons. Be sure to read my article below so you can find the recipe. Need a great summer salad to pair it with? Try this quinoa salad.

“Now that my kids’ grandmother has passed away, I hope my children will remember her legacy, and grow into kind and caring individuals. Though I am grateful they were able to get to know her as well as they did, it is now my turn to help them honor her, just as she taught them to honor me.”

Read the rest of the article and get the recipe here.