sophistiwhiteOften, for birthday parties, I encourage my kids to give books as presents.  It may not put them in the top gift-giving rank in the eyes of most of their friends, but the kids who receive them will have them for years, and will most likely pass them down to their own children.  They may not remember who gave them the book, but it will outlive the Legos and the Polly Pockets. It will become a part of who they are.

This is a picture of my son’s E. B. White books (Charlotte’s Web, Stuart Little 60th Anniversary Edition, The Trumpet of the Swan), but yesterday, while shopping for one of his friends, we found the whole set—hardcover!—at Borders in the discount section for only $10.00, marked down from $50.  Another wise shopping decision!

Best of luck finding the same deal at your Borders!

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