Did you love the first Despicable Me? Seriously, who didn’t? What was not to love about the minions, Gru and the girls, and most of all, Agnes? The sequel has been anticipated at our house for as long as and as much as Man of Steel, if not more.


That’s why we were ecstatic to be invited to a screening of Despicable Me 2 last week. Though the theater was packed with more babies and children than adults, the children all seemed thoroughly engaged in what they were watching, and no one was disturbed by anyone getting out of hand.


Our screening was in 3D, which is the ideal way to watch this movie (unless, of course, someone in your company has trouble with 3-D). All the action is bigger and better that way, and the whole film is a feast for the eyes. And, not to spoil anything, but the minions have their little part during the closing credits where they really capitalize on the 3-D experience with noise makers, bubbles, etc.

And as far as the actual movie goes, let me tell you, it is everything you want a sequel to be. It had all the things we loved about the first one, only more of all of it. It was more minions, it was more girls, more Agnes, and more Gru as a superdad.

This is what the kids had to say:

“I loved the minions!” —Charlie

“I want to see it again!” —Sophie

“It’s going to be the #1 movie of the summer.” —Stuart

So, if you’re not already planning on going to see this movie this week, go! It’s even better than the first!

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All images (minus the Instagram one of my kids) and the trailer are courtesy of Universal Studios.