Baby, it’s cold outside. It has snowed everyday since Monday, and the kids and I are getting a little stir crazy.


Before we go off on that, though, I want to know how everyone’s Christmases were. What did you do to celebrate? Did you have family in town? What did you bake? What did you give?

We had a quiet Christmas. To be honest, Christmas was really my time to shine before the divorce. We liked to do everything: fresh tree, 12 Days of Christmas, hot chocolate by the fire, Christmas cookies for neighbors, the whole bit. It was lovely, and Christmas morning was always magical. Now I struggle to do even one of those things a year. This was my fourth Christmas trying to be the one-man show. But we were able to do some of the things we like to do.  Paramount to all our traditions is reading the scriptures when we decorate out tree, and we did do that, so that’s good. But I like living out the season, you know? I like to do more than just manage or get through. I like to live and breathe it, do more to serve, and do more to remember. I’m not sad, though, not by any means. Life is ups and downs. It’s what makes life beautiful. And years that aren’t perfect are just the perfect chance to hope and work for a better year. Life is exciting when there’s a possibility to change and do more, don’t you think? I think I’m one of the few people who actually likes New Year’s. It’s a great chance to put everything in perspective, get centered, find my peace with God, and move toward something new.

The week in between Christmas and New Year’s is kind of funny. You have that weird, anticlimactic feeling after the presents are unwrapped and the relatives go home, and it feels like time is ticking away until it’s time for school. I remember as a kid feeling panicked, and wanting to make the most of every minute. I want my kids to feel like they’re making the most out of every minute, too. Of course, that’s up to them, but I can help by pointing them in the right direction.

This year, I bought my son a thousand piece puzzle. I figured that would keep us all busy for awhile, and give us a sense of accomplishment when we’re done. I found a great one at Costco, with an Eric Dowdle painting of Salt Lake City on it. It’s kept us busy for days.




Besides the puzzle, I’ve done my best to kick the kids out into the snow every now and then, and tried to get them to read. When I have a minute, I like to pull aside each kid individually for a few minutes to have mommy time.

We’ll have to bake something. It’s so strange, I haven’t baked anything this week. It’s like I don’t even know myself anymore!! We better do something tonight. Any requests?

What have you been doing to keep busy this week? Are you with family? Seen any good movies?