pumpkin week: pumpkin pie smoothies


I’m so excited to tell you I’ll be on TV this week! I will be on Studio 5 in Salt Lake City on Wednesday, September 25, at 1:00 MDT, channel 5. Check your local listings to watch it on High Definition. And you should be able to view it online here. I’ve been on the show before, but this time I’m extra excited since fall is my favorite season and I’ll be sharing one of my fall recipes—Pumpkin Swirl Doughnuts—from my book Celebrate Every Day: Recipes to Make the Most of Special Moments with Your Family. They’re basically pumpkin cinnamon rolls that are fried and frosted. They’re calorie heaven.

power food: classic hummus


My seven-year-old son was psyched about this hummus, which I served with raw cauliflower, and he kept saying, “This is so addicting, isn’t it?”

The truth is, we’ve kind of been addicted to cauliflower these days, going through about two heads of it a week. For a family who rarely consumes as much food as one grown male (not counting sugar cereal), that’s saying something, especially considering it’s a vegetable.

power foods: roasted asparagus


For me, asparagus is synonymous with spring, and more specifically, Easter. It’s one of those vegetables I really didn’t discover until I was in my twenties, and then wondered where I had been the last two decades. I love it, and even more so when it’s roasted.

a bit about me, and two simple pizzas


My friend had a little heart to heart with me last week. He said I should share a little bit more of myself in my posts, a little bit more of my story.

So, here goes—just hope he doesn’t mind he kind of is the story . . .

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