the name of this sandwich is a secret.


My son and I can’t tell you the name of this sandwich, because it’s adapted from a book we’ll talk about in a day or two. We will give you our version of the recipe today, though . . . then we’ll tell you about the book.

But first I just want to send my love to any of my readers who live in Japan, have loved ones there, or are connected with the devastation there in any way. My prayers and thoughts are with you.

This morning I learned of a blog that is hosting an online bake sale at the end of March. I will keep you filled in as I learn more about it.

Until then, let me tell you how we made the sandwich . . .

bacon cheddar biscuits


After named me as one of their favorite mommy food bloggers last month, they asked me if I would also like to blog on their website. The food portion of their site is called The Family Kitchen, and I have joined Jenny Rosenstrach of, Julie Van Rosendaal of Dinner With Julie, Kelsey Banfield, The Naptime Chef, and Caroline Campion, from It will be a lot of blogging, and a lot of fun to work with these women.

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Today I posted a recipe on babble for a crust-less quiche, which you see in the picture sandwiched in between the two halves of that biscuit. Click on over to see that recipe, and read about how I came up with the idea.

When I made these biscuits, I did something I have never done before in my life: I used the leftover bacon grease. Some of you may think that’s cool, others may think it’s disgusting. I knew it couldn’t be much worse than using hydrogenated oil, and thought it would add to the flavor and overall texture of the biscuits, so I gave it a whirl.

I think it really delivered.


i am not left handed.


Well, neither is my son, but that’s how he fences. He even started fencing that way before I showed him The Princess Bride.

Now I know you all don’t need a recipe for this, but I thought it would be fun to include anyway, since I packed it for my 10-year-old’s first fencing competition. He kept trying to grab the bread and use it for foil practice.

According to my little girl, the trip up to Weber State was longer than the trip back. No kidding. Between the stop at Target (where we bought the stuff for the sandwich), filling up the tank, stopping at Wendy’s to prevent an accident, and a #3 traffic jam (my kids make me rate every traffic jam—“Is this a 10, Mom?” “How does this compare to the last traffic jam? Wasn’t that a 7?”), the trip to the competition was most definitely more hectic.

Which is why I am glad we packed something simple—I made it in the trunk of my car.

bacon, mushroom, and caramelized onion sandwich


The name of this sandwich would have had me running to the other room if I were a kid.  Good thing those days of culinary naivete are over.

Because this was so good.

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