dinner with five plates: beef brisket with carrots and potatoes


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Something crazy happened here in Utah: we’ve had a whole week of fall—during the first week of fall!! Maybe that doesn’t sound so exceptional to you, but around here, it is. Normally, it’s the middle of October before we see any days in the 60s, and then by Halloween, the kids are wearing their winter coats and we have to run our trick-or treating route fast enough that our hands don’t freeze. I like fall to come in gradually, just like it is this year. So naturally, I’m pretty ecstatic.

Since the weather has gone chilly so early, I’ve already started craving slow cooker recipes with meat, just like this one.

remembering grandma and a recipe for chicken shish kabobs



How is everyone’s summer going? We only have one week left around here, and as much as I like sleeping in, it’s time for the kids (and me) to be on a schedule again.

This month, for my Goldfish Smiles article, I wrote about my kids’ grandmother, who recently passed away earlier this year. I can’t tell you how many times we had shish kabobs at her house on the back patio on Sunday afternoons. Be sure to read my article below so you can find the recipe. Need a great summer salad to pair it with? Try this quinoa salad.

quick summer dinner: spring rolls


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I’m kind of loving the new look of my blog. It’s a little cleaner, a little lighter, and it was long overdue. Sometimes I think being a little lighter myself is long overdue. I really want to look fabulous this summer. The kids and I have a limitless water park pass right now, which means I’ll be in my bathing suit a lot in the next couple months. And I’d rather that were a pleasant experience for the other water park patrons.

a bit about me, and two simple pizzas


My friend had a little heart to heart with me last week. He said I should share a little bit more of myself in my posts, a little bit more of my story.

So, here goes—just hope he doesn’t mind he kind of is the story . . .