bake sale week: monster cookies 2.0


Before I get into telling you about these monster cookies, I wanted to tell you about some of the cool things my friends are doing. I’m at a very exciting time in my life and career right now where the people around me are starting to make headway with their dreams.

Matthew J. Kirby, who wrote the beautiful book Icefall, which I’ll talk about on here soon, had his launch party at The King’s English last night for his next two books. The kids and I all went to Salt Lake together and sat in on his reading of The Lost Kingdom and Cave of Wonders, the fifth installment in the Infinity Ring Series. Matt’s a great writer, and it’s wonderful to see that his career has taken off in so short a time.

This coming Tuesday, Julie, whom I’ve mentioned here before and has a killer recipe for banana bread, will also be having a launch party at The King’s English. Once again, she has crafted a beautiful story set in Regency England that will give you wistful longings for England and gentlemen in breeches (did I just steal a line from Austenland?). Her book is called Blackmoore, and is just as lovely as her first book Edenbrooke.


Okay, on to the cookies.

bake sale week: coconut cream cheese brownies


Some of you may be wondering where I’ve been. I could ask myself the same thing.

My friend Matt and I spent last night talking about what’s been holding me back from blogging, from writing, and really from anything I want to be doing, or feel like I should be doing. The simple answer is, and has been for some time now: I need a vacation. I’ve been so wound up with trying to survive as a stay-at-home single mom, that I barely have the time to do the laundry or clean the bathrooms and take the kids to school and help them with homework and read to them and pray with them and pack lunches and kiss their boo-boos and be their shoulder to cry on and make dinner and answer the cries of “Mom, mom, mom, mom, mom, MOM!!!!!!!!” let alone sit down and edit photographs or write something interesting. Sometimes, I feel so overwhelmed with everything, putting up a post is the last thing on earth I want to do. Sometimes, I want to make brownies without taking a picture of them, or without writing down how I made them, dammit.

Sometimes, I just feel like swearing.

When I blog, you’re usually not seeing the whole me (not the part of me that swears, until today, apparently). You’re seeing some of me, but you’re only seeing a version of me. Usually, you’re seeing me on a good day, or on a bad day, when I’ve managed to spin my story into something uplifting.

lemon meringue macaroons—lemon pie coco-roons you can make yourself


Remember all those months ago, I told you how I was losing weight and that I only had about 15 or 16 pounds to go? Then remember how I just stopped mentioning it?

Yeah, well the answer to that is simple: I stopped losing weight. Maybe it was the fact that I made it public, maybe it was the fact that my body, more than anything else in this world, wants to be fat. I’m not quite sure. Anyway, in the meantime, I’ve been looking high and low for inspiration. Pinterest is a great place to find new ideas for workouts, and one day, I happened upon the Tone it Up! girls. On one of their little videos, they show these cookies called Coco-roons, which are gluten-free, vegan, raw (mostly), and low glycemic . Without even really trying, I found them at my health food store a few days later, and they’re delicious! We love both their Vanilla Maple flavor and their Lemon Pie flavor. I actually tried contacting the company to see if they would send me all of their flavors so I could talk about them here, but they never responded.

My kids and I can eat through a whole bag of these babies in about 4 minutes, which can get kind of expensive, seeing as they cost around $8 a bag, with eight cookies in each bag. So, I decided to try making them at home. The ingredients cost me only about $2, and the whole batch makes about 50% more, so I’d say, that’s pretty amazing.

cream cheese no-bake cookies


Today is National Oatmeal Cookie Day. Can someone please tell me who decides these things?

Lucky for me, I already have a recipe for oatmeal cookies ready to go.

You know those No-bake Cookies? Some people call them Minute Cookies, and I’m sure there are other names I can’t think of right now. They’re made with cocoa powder and peanut butter, and I love them, but the other day, the kids wanted some and I was out of cocoa powder. I didn’t want them to just be peanut butter flavor, so instead I used cream cheese. At the last minute, I stirred in some chocolate chips so the mixture would have little bits of chocolate throughout. I even refrigerated them so that some of the chocolate bits would get crunchy. They were a huge hit.

How do you like to make your no-bake cookies?