this week's latin word: taedium


Anyone want to take a whack at the definition?  It’s quite simple, and I imagine you’re all dealing with it in a heavy dose of it in your summer vacationing children right now.

Write your answer to the definition in the comment section, and then, let us know:  What are you all doing to overcome taedium (ted-ee-oom) during your summer break at your house?

At ours today, we took turns spraying each other with the hose.  Certainly not Disneyland, but we all feel much better.

enlightening lessons to come


Remember when I was talking about Latin being the language of the enlightened? Well, for awhile now, I’ve been wanting to enlighten us all by adding a little to our vocabulary.

My first Latin word of the week is an easy one, and appropriate for this week.

Now everyone say libertas, lee-bare-tahs. Very good.

And Happy Independence Day.

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