identity crisis


I love this picture because I wasn’t posing. My son Stuart took it when I was watching my new husband speak about Schrodinger’s Cat at a presentation for his new book The Quantum League. Matt and I had only been married about a month. (Apparently, I hold my hands in weird ways and touch my face when I’m not aware of it.)

Once upon a time, I wanted to write novels. It was a mired path coming to that decision—with long distance chats with my mom and sister about finding our passions, hours of watching Oprah, and follow-up calls with my mom and sister about what we had just watched on Oprah. Once I finally settled on writing fiction as what I wanted to do, I put everything I had into it. At first, I trod carefully, like peering from behind the doorway into a crowded room. So I started by trying to find other people who also wanted to write, and as luck would have it (or Providence), I met a nice girl at church. Her name was Julie, and she confessed in one of our first conversations that she had actually been published once and that she really wanted to be an author. We became fast friends and started working toward our dreams. We went to conferences, joined writing groups, entered contests, bought laptops, flew to England to research our stories, started submitting—well, she did. I was still too scared, and still too ADD to get anything done.

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back to school with goldfish smiles


My kids just went back to school for the second time this year. Last week, their dad took them out of school to go to Disneyland, which was a blast, but now they all have to get back into the swing of things around here. So, needless to say, getting them to school this week, has been AWESOME!!!.

Hope you don’t mind my touch of sarcasm there.

our favorite toy of the summer: kiwi crate summer discovery pack


How is everyone’s summer going? It’s hot, hot, hot here. We’ve been going to the water park about once a week, but I have to confess, a lot of the time, we stay cool inside. Isn’t that terrible? I like being outside when it’s 80ºF or below, but a 100º is just a little too much for this New England girl.

Today is one of those days, and that means I have to find things to do (or let them watch TV and feel guilty for the rest of the day) so everyone doesn’t get bored and start killing each other.

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despicable me 2 delivers!


Did you love the first Despicable Me? Seriously, who didn’t? What was not to love about the minions, Gru and the girls, and most of all, Agnes? The sequel has been anticipated at our house for as long as and as much as Man of Steel, if not more.


That’s why we were ecstatic to be invited to a screening of Despicable Me 2 last week. Though the theater was packed with more babies and children than adults, the children all seemed thoroughly engaged in what they were watching, and no one was disturbed by anyone getting out of hand.

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