Illustrations by Oliver Jeffers and Artwork courtesy of Penguin Young Readers Group

Ready for a giveaway?? How long has it been, like a year or something?

The people at Penguin recently sent me a copy of the book Ol’ Mama Squirrel by David Ezra Stein to review for Mother’s Day, and offered to give away a few copies to some lucky readers.

When we received the book it became an instant favorite in our house. Mama Squirrel is the kind of gal who back down, especially when it comes to her babies, a trait I can definitely relate to. I asked my seven-year-old what he thinks of the story. Here’s what he had to say:

Me: Tell me about Ol’ Mama Squirrel.

CKR: It’s fun.

Me: What else? What’s it about?

CKR: It’s about a squirrel that loves her babies.

Me: What does she do?

CKR: Uh, protects her babies.

Me: Whom does she protect them from?

CKR: The doggie. But the doggie doesn’t want to eat them, right? It wasn’t a nosey dog.

{My son loves dogs. The one part of the book he has trouble with is when the squirrel chases away a dog.}

Me: How does she protect the babies?

CKR: She says, Chook Chook Chook!

Me: What else can you tell me about the book?

CKR: It’s funny.

Me: Why is it funny?


CKR: Cuz, the guy that was gonna climb the tree was like this [makes a funny face].

Me: Do you think people should get the book for Mother’s Day?

CKR: Yeah.

Me: Why?

CKR: Because it’s funny.

Okay, so if you would like win a copy of Ol’ Mama Squirrel, simply place a comment in the comments section, and say something about why you love your mom, or why your kids should think you’re a great mom. Then, if you want to enter again, share this link on facebook on your facebook page, and come back and comment that you shared it with your friends. If you have any questions, just let me know. I will keep the comments section open until Tuesday morning, so you have until then to enter! Then, I will choose five random winners! Good luck!!


Illustrations by Oliver Jeffers and Artwork courtesy of Penguin Young Readers Group