The other day, while making our Kung Fu Panda soup, I found that when I cut off the baby bok choy leaves, the end looked like a rose.  How could I turn down a perfectly opportune time to let my children express themselves artistically?  (Actually, I usually pass on craft projects.  They make such a mess, and I’m usually behind on my housework, and any extra mess just puts me one step closer to the loony bin.)


I imagine you can do this with a large bok choy as well.  You can also make stamps like this with the ends of celery, and probably endives.  (In the past, I’ve tried to save the ends of celery for this very purpose, but alas, could not find the energy to encourage my children to be creative, and I tossed them out — not the kids, the celery stumps.)


Use thick water based paint, such as tempera (I used Speedball Watersoluble linoleum block printing ink, just ’cause that’s all I had), squirt some onto some plates (use paper plates if you’re environmentally irresponsible, like me), and have your kids print to their messy hands’ content.






Aren’t we talented?