pinkaliciousPinkalicious by Victoria Kann and Elizabeth Kann, has been a big hit at our house since we bought it at a Scholastic book fair last year. My daughter likes to read it over and over, so we did a little interview about it together.

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me: What happens in the book?

ser: A girl turns pink.

me: How does she turn pink?

ser: She ate too much cupcakes.

me: What color were the cupcakes, were they green?

ser (smiling): Pink!


me: Is it a bad thing that she turns pink?

ser: Yes.

me: Why?

ser: Because Dr. Wink said.

me: Who is Dr. Wink?

ser: Pinkalicious’s doctor.

me: Does she stay pink forever?


ser: Nope.

me: Why do you like Pinkalicious?

ser: Because I kinda like pink and she turns pink.

me: Do you wish you could eat a cupcake like that?

ser: Mm-hm.