You will begin to notice, after following my blog a bit, that I am quite obsessed with all things England.  I wonder if my interest began when I was a child.  I used to tape episodes of Wonderworks, the collection of films on PBS.  (They once showed Kevin Sullivan’s productions of Anne of Green Gables, which was, of course, a favorite), but they also aired a perfect rendition of A Little Princess – Wonderworks Family Movie (good luck with the link — you can only buy it on VHS, and through independent sellers, but I thought you’d be interested to know which edition it was, anyway).  I watched it again and again — so much that eventually I was Anglicized enough to enjoy the desaturated, rainy-day color characteristic of many British films.

When I had watched the tape enough times to run my VCR ragged, I read the book.  Hands down, it was my favorite book of my childhood.  It was the first time I was sad when I only had ten pages left to read, and after it was finished, I carried it around the house for days, not wanting the story to end.

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