Of course, Vizzini said Plato was a moron, but Vizzini wasn’t any good at fencing, so what did he know?

My 10-year old has been begging me to do fencing for months now.  We started with a little introductory class back in the fall, and ever since that was over, I have been nagged constantly.  The great thing is, he completely appreciates it, and not only that, he has jumped in with both feet.

His coach keeps telling him how brave he is for participating, whether it is standing up against teenagers in class, or going to his first competition last Saturday.


To celebrate his big day, we made a ham and cheese épée—which means sword in French.  Since almost all the terminology in fencing is french, I thought it also fitting that the bread was a baguette.  Hey, the kids liked it.


The kids also thought Chessmen cookies would work well, since fencing is a game of strategy, and some consider it like a physical game of chess.


His coach said he should consider it a huge victory at his first tournament if he scored any points at all and didn’t cry for longer than an hour when it was all over.  I think he did well.  He scored a total of 5 points the whole day, and only cried for about 3 seconds.


Nothing makes me happier than to see him enjoying something that isn’t easy. And it makes me proud to see him marching in with no fear.