oliviaI promised myself to only watch a few minutes of Lost last night, and then sat through the whole thing.  That show is scientifically calculated to get you shamelessly hooked.  I honestly don’t know what’s going on half the time since I missed a couple seasons in there, but now I know that whenever anything bizarre happens, no one else knows what’s going on either.   You just have to keep watching for explanations, which of course, never come.

Last night, “the others” character Juliet was talking about how they all speak Latin because it is the language of the enlightened.

Certainly plenty of people through the ages believe it is the language of the educated.  If nothing else, it couldn’t hurt to know it if you’re practicing law or medicine.  So, here and there I try teaching it to my son.  Though I never learned it, it’s pretty easy as far as foreign languages go, because you only need learn to pronounce the words, not fuss about with a proper accent.

Recently I found a copy of Olivia in Latin, and bought it as a reminder to practice.  Ian Falconer is a genius at capturing character.  My favorite part is the picture of her wearing a toga and eating grapes on the back.olivia-1

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