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No matter what phase in our lives we are, my kids and I have so much to be grateful for. It doesn’t matter if money is tight, or we’re sick, or I’m afraid the car is going to die. We always have blessings we can’t begin to count. And I want my kids to know this. I want them to be able to see how good they have it.



When I was in Elementary school, a girl in my class brought in meringues her mother had made. They were white on the outside, but when you bit into them, you found M&Ms hidden inside. My nine-year-old self could not believe how amazing they were.

I made my chocolate meringue kisses ages ago to be like those M&M meringues, but these white ones are a simpler version. They’re just about as simple as you can get, but the possibilities are endless. You can mix in candies, pipe them into different shapes, swirl in colors, or flavors . . . you can do just about anything.


indoor fun


It’s funny how certain foods can conjure up memories. Every time I toss a handful of cheddar cheese Goldfish crackers in my mouth, I think of my Nana and Oompa, my paternal grandparents. We didn’t get to see them very often—they lived in New Jersey, and we lived in Massachusetts—so whenever we were together, our time was special.

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