chillin' on winter break


Baby, it’s cold outside. It has snowed everyday since Monday, and the kids and I are getting a little stir crazy.


Before we go off on that, though, I want to know how everyone’s Christmases were. What did you do to celebrate? Did you have family in town? What did you bake? What did you give?

peanut butter brownies


I’m sure you’ve been just as busy as I have been, but here’s just a quick something-or-other to add to your Christmas cookie boxes. They’re like eating pure evil.

our thoughts on connecticut, and how we trim our tree


Those babies.

Those babies.

Nothing has ever shaken me quite like this has. As I am sure is true for most of you.

I won’t put into words what I see when I imagine the events of last Friday—they’re too horrible. As mothers and fathers, I think we have all projected ourselves into that situation, and we are left with questions with no answers: How will those families ever go on? How will those sweet, innocent survivors ever be able to sleep at night? Why them? Is there anything we can do?

I wish I could take the pain away, I wish I could give them hope, I wish I could run to them, and tell them they can lean on me.

All day on Friday, I kept thinking of how those little children, at the start of their day, were filled with wonder and anticipation for the holidays, and then they saw things no one should ever see in a lifetime.

Through my tears and agony for the terrible loss of their innocence, my mind kept turning to another child, whose life we celebrate at this time.


3 perfect pieces to rock the holidays


I’ve been planning on some fun additions to the sophistimom website. One of my ideas is to add a style and fashion category. When I told my friend about it, she just stared for a minute, until I quickly added, “Oh . . . well, I’m not planning on writing it, I was going to have someone else write it.” Then she laughed and told me that would be a good idea.

I think good taste, though, right? I’m just usually little too chunky to pull off the outfit I want or I just can’t afford my style. Every time I see the perfect dress in a magazine, it’s always over $1200.

Well, in the meantime, before I get someone to write my style and fashion articles, or before I lose that last 12 pounds, or make a million dollars, I’ll let my daughter show off some clothes from the Skylar Collection (inspired by Skylar Lewis from Kickin’ It on the Disney channel) she loves* and plans on wearing to party in all December.

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