cacao nib and almond toffee


I didn’t taste one bit of this, but I hear it was lovely.

You see, I started this new diet. And sugar for right now . . . well it’s a nice thought, but that’s all it is.

My daughter and I made this on Sunday afternoon. Sunday afternoons are usually our time for making candy. I wouldn’t recommend making toffee in the dead of summer normally, but all we had was some butter and sugar in the house, with just some little odds and ends of whatever we had in the cupboards, so toffee it was!

Lurking in our pantry was a bag of cacao nibs, and in our fridge, a big bag of almond flour. We spread out the almond flour in the bottom of our baking sheet, and then got the cacao nibs for sprinkling on top. Cacao nibs, by the way, are my new favorite thing to eat with peanut butter. My usual sneak snack is a spoonful of peanut butter dipped in chocolate chips, but I recently switched to the same treat only without sugar. Instead, I take a spoonful of all natural peanut butter (Adam’s is my favorite brand), and dip it in cacao nibs. Oh, and sometimes I eat that with a banana! I tell you, it is the most wonderful snack in the whole wide world!!

But back to the toffee . . .

aubergine and roasted garlic hummus


Have you ever had one of those phases in your life when you were trying to redefine or rediscover who you are? That’s me right now. Writing the cookbook was one of the most satisfying and challenging things I have ever done, but it also made me a little fat. Now I’m trying to change that.

I started by walking. Just for an hour everyday. I would drive to BYU, park in visitor parking, and walk as fast as I could to the top of the hill behind the Provo temple. Then I’d sit on the lawn, meditate for about thirty minutes, and walk back to my car. I did this for a few weeks, and then I added weights—just three pound weights in each hand. That slowly changed into walking for most of the way and then running part of the way.

But you may already know, I hate running. Always have. But I don’t know, something is happening to me. I’m actually starting to like it. Just a little, though. Now, since moving closer to Salt Lake City, I live near a great trail and have been running almost as much as I’m walking.

Exercising has somehow changed the way I eat, too. I don’t eat so many cupcakes anymore, and I’ll go several days in a row without eating sugar—a miracle for me.

As with any change for good, I have that nagging angst that if I let up for just a second, I’ll slip back into my old ways. And why wouldn’t I? It’s what I’ve always done in the past. So, I’ve been trepidatious about writing on my blog and posting recipes, knowing that desserts are always most popular. Of course, I can post healthy recipes, and write more about books, but everyone knows it’s the recipes like red velvet cupcakes and raspberry lemonade bars that draw people in. I’m hoping I can find a balance between creating amazing healthy recipes during the week, and then more fun, show stopping recipes on the weekends. What do think? Maybe if you all eat healthy with me, it will be easier for me to stick to it. The true test of a friend is whether or not they’ll go on a diet with you. I’ll try to post delicious recipes, and then you can tell me they’re better than my brownies, okay?

For now, here is a hummus recipe I made, which I hope will serve as a promise of good things to come, even when they’re healthy.

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