Merry Christmas.


On the 11th and 12th days of Christmas, Jaime got too tired to post. I will post the recipes for the white chocolate dipped cherry pistachio cookies and the beef Wellington soon.


I love you all, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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cloudberry jam thumbprints


So how come nobody told me I can’t count? I accidentally wrote “the eighth day” twice in a row. I’d fix it, but I’m too tired. Hence my lateness in posting this 10th day recipe.

I heard of cloudberries a long time ago, and only recently tried them. They sound dreamy, don’t they? They look much like raspberries, but grow in northern climates, such as in Scandinavia and Canada. They’re often made into jam, which is really the only way the rest of us can get them. I found the jam in the picture at IKEA, but you can also buy it on amazon.

cranberry avocado salsa


While I watched my friend’s kids the other day, I found in her fridge the most interesting salsa. It was made with cranberries and avocados, a combination I never would have come up with on my own. Since I knew she wouldn’t be home for another day, I figured I could try some. The flavors went together perfectly, and I was amazed at how good something could taste. It was the best salsa I had ever eaten.

I googled “cranberry avocado” and it immediately suggested the word “salsa”—apparently, it’s quite popular. The recipe on came up first. As soon as I could, I tried out the recipe for myself.

Unfortunately, I found, as is often the case, that what I made was not as good as what I had tasted at my friend’s house. After some tweaking, though, I believe I found the right balance of flavors.

If you are looking for some more sweet things, be sure to see FamilyFreshCooking’s Christmas Sweet Treats Round-Up.

pantettone bread pudding


Sorry I didn’t post this last night, everyone. I was so tired at 11:00, and then I realized I hadn’t posted anything. I decided to just let you all sleep in. ;)

I have wanted to post this recipe, or at least my French toast version of it, since the first Christmas I had this blog. I always serve one or the other of them on Christmas morning, but by then it is too late to post. I suppose I could have never made it twice—one for posting a week in advance, and one for eating on Christmas morning, but panettone soaked in milk, cream, and eggs is probably the richest thing I ever make.

And addicting. Rich food that is addicting is hazardous to someone like me.


So this year, I have decided to forgo making the panettone French toast, and the panettone bread pudding for Christmas breakfast, and make it a week early. It is my gift to you.

I will be posting the French toast version on Babble today. Be sure to take a look.

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