black forest trifle


When I think of the Black Forest in Germany (though I have never been there), I think of giant toad stools that could be houses for fairies, and dark woods brimming with ghosts and folklore. Right now, I am sitting in Brooke’s guest bedroom, just ten minutes south of Colorado’s Black Forest. Though it does not conjure the same charm in my mind as its German counterpart, it is beautiful. I love it for the lone fact that it’s a forest—right in the middle of a prairie.

When I made these, the kids and I devoured them in about three minutes, but as I was getting the photographs ready tonight, I thought how fun they would be served at a little tea party with your kids. Or, you could even make them for some sort of fairy tale party. Wouldn’t that be fun? You could have your kids dress up as fairy tale characters and serve them this.

nature walk


I’ve never been on a nature walk with my kids. At least, not near where we live.

If I had to give a reason, the best I could tell you is that here in the west, I don’t feel at home. I miss the beaches of New England. I miss the woods I grew up in, with ponds and skipping rocks. I miss drinking in the smell of earth and  burning pine until I think my lungs will pop. I miss the leaves. I miss the ocean.

The desert and mountains in Utah are beautiful, but it’s not the same thing. Nature here makes me homesick.

But on Monday, after I dropped my kids off at school, my four-year-old and I got out of the car, and a perfect fall day was about to swallow us in one cool breeze. The sun was shining, while storm clouds lazily collected in pockets of sky. I could not take him inside to sit at home and watch Sesame Street while I worked. And so I decided to take a nature walk with him—here in the Rocky Mountains.

orange rolls


Two years ago, I posted my recipe for cinnamon rolls that I serve on the Sunday morning of my church’s General Conference. About a year ago, though, I had some friends over for the Sunday morning broadcast, and we tried making two kinds of rolls, one batch with cinnamon, of course, and another batch with orange.

I added cardamom to enhance the flavor, but mostly the orange flavor is all that shines through, which is exactly what I wanted.

Although I think I still love the cinnamon rolls best, if offered a choice, I would definitely pick one of each.

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