raspberry tiramisu


Those of you who know me, particularly my friends in Colorado Springs, know how much I love Target. I would bump into friends while I was there, and they’d say, “How come I always see you here?” To which I’d reply, “It’s because I’m always in here.” It was sad, really. But we only lived five minutes away, and I’d often forget ingredients, so there were many days where I found myself there as many as three times per day. It wasn’t a disorder, I swear, I’m just ridiculously disorganized.

Since moving to Utah, it’s been a bit more challenging to visit my most favorite retail monstrosity because it’s two towns over, but on Tuesday, I actually ended up going there twice in one day, which made me feel like I was back to the old me.

The reason I am telling you this is that last week, I found tubs of mascarpone cheese for only $2 each. I looked to my right and my left and shoved their entire inventory into my cart, but then I felt bad for the poor people who might be throwing a dinner party later that night, and would have to settle for cream cheese, so I put a couple tubs back.

Then my good friend gave me a huge—I mean huge—bowl of fresh raspberries from her garden (THANK YOU, JoLene!!!) And today’s recipe was obvious: raspberry tiramisu.


Now, I’m not a coffee person nor a rum person, so this recipe is completely safe for kids, babies, Mormons—whoever. And you don’t need to use as many raspberries as I did. I think that’s almost a full flat’s worth in that picture, so unless you grow your own, have friends who love you enough to give you some from their garden, or want to remortgage your home to purchase that many, I suggest using fewer. It won’t matter, either way.

lemon ice cream sandwich cookies


Häagen-Dazs is sadly the only remaining national grocery store variety ice cream that does not add a bunch of crap to their products. I don’t know what carrageenan is (nor do I care to), but now most of the brands that still boast all-natural ingredients add it to their ice cream.

When Häagen-Dazs came out with their “five” label, I was excited to see that at least they realize that some of us in the country are still interested in ice cream that contains only what is listed in a recipe.

I love lemon desserts, and as a child used to fantasize about what lemon ice cream should taste like. Any rare occasion when I would find an actual lemon flavored ice cream, it would either taste flat, too creamy, artificial or dull. When I saw the lemon Häagen-Dazs five flavor, I thought I would try it to see if it would deliver.




It surpasses all hopes and childhood dreams of a lemon-flavored ice cream. It is tart, and sweet, and creamy all at once. The ice crystals are so minuscule they are virtually undetectable. It is smooth as silk and absolutely amazing. My ravings on the subject continue on my babble blog, if you’re interested.

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