citrus twist doughnuts


I thought these were going to be a sort of filler doughnut to help stretch out doughnut week. But they were actually a huge hit and everyone’s favorite.

The inspiration came from my citrus pancakes I did ages ago.

I used the same dough as I did for the Vanilla Bean Boston Cream doughnuts, so if you want to double the recipe, or even cut the recipe in half to make both kinds, be my guest.

french crullers


French crullers are probably one of my favorite kinds of doughnuts. They aren’t too sweet, and have a texture and flavor all their own—eggy and light on the inside and sweet and crispy on the outside.

It had never occurred to me that I could make my own until last summer I came across an old Martha Stewart Living that gave instructions on how to make them. I don’t recall the recipe they used exactly, but I do remember they used a pâte à choux—that wonderful, easy to make, easy to use French pastry dough—and piped it onto little squares of parchment paper with a large star tip, then lowered it slowly into the hot oil.

For my own version, I basically did the same. They were exceptionally easy, and were a great variation of texture and flavor from the other doughnuts.

pumpkin poppers: bite sized pumpkin spice cake doughnuts


That pumpkin torte I made the other day was really delicious, so I thought I should fry some of the batter for our little party.

I honestly have no idea how people make cake doughnuts in a ring shape, so these were made into little doughnut holes, which actually worked perfectly at our doughnut party because they kept the kids happy while we worked on rolling out, filling, and frosting the other ones.

In the picture, I sprinkled them with powdered sugar, but in the recipe I’ll give you instructions to make a glaze, which makes everything taste better.

vanilla bean boston cream doughnuts to drown out homesickness


Well, I’d just like to mention what fun I had with Trick-or-trEat, and hope you all did, too.

Sometimes I miss the place where I grew up so badly it physically hurts.  At times, I feel exiled, doomed to visit there for short stints at a time, only to be shipped back, all to soon, to wherever I am living.

In the fall, when things are most beautiful in New England, I feel the stab most acutely, and do my best to enjoy the season where I am.  This year, I think God has sent me a gift—cut me a break in light of the chaos in my life: the leaves in Utah have been almost as beautiful as they are in Massachusetts.

But, oh, how I miss the cranberry bogs, the smell of burning pine, the endless tangles of bittersweet, 18th Century houses.  And long drives on lazy Saturdays through winding back roads that lead to the ocean.

I can’t think of a better way to drown out homesickness than with a warm, custard filled, chocolate glazed doughnut?  Can you?

So I made some, and named them after my home.

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