a shout out to some readers!

Hillary, a cook on another food blog called Chew on That, put up a post today that shows how she made the butternut squash risotto with saffron and sage.  She made it for Rosh Hashanah, which starts tonight, and modified the recipe so she could serve it along with a meat dish and keep it kosher (she just took away all the dairy.)  She did a great job, and I think you should all take a look at it and give her a comment for a job well done.

Pinch My Salt put up a scrumptious post of a pumpkin cream cheese spread.  Yum!  That’s like my pumpkin cookies and the frosting all mixed into one!  So if you liked those, you’ll love this post!

Thank you to Pinch My Salt and Chew on That for linking sophistimom from their sites!

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it’s finally below eighty degrees!

It has been so hot lately (and I think you all know how I feel about that!), but now that the weather is actually pleasant, I’ll take the time to tell you about our little day at the pumpkin farm.  I say little because it lasted all of forty-five minutes.

I had had dreams of a breezy fall day in the crisp cool air.  We would wear thick hand-knit sweaters, pick bushels of apples, find the perfect pumpkins.  Then we’d come in from the cold and have cider and doughnuts.

It felt more like we were in a scene in Grapes of Wrath, complete with ninety degree heat, dead crops, and dust.

We had fun, but I will be glad to be in New England soon, where I can have a real fall!professional resume writer

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apple crisp with caramel sauce


Well, yesterday I had a horrible time thinking of new and innovative recipes.  After deliberating for the whole morning and most of the afternoon, I finally decided on a caramel sauce I had been wanting to try.  I thought how nice and simple that would be—apple slices and caramel.  And it will take only ten minutes!

It did not take ten minutes.  My first batch burned, and I had to send my husband out  to buy more cream.  Then I wasn’t happy with the photography.  I was very stressed out and pathetically dramatic.  (Now my kids’ teachers will know how close to the tree the apple lands around this house.)


When I could see that a new post for yesterday was impossible, late last night I made some apple crisp to pair up with some ice cream and the improved batch of caramel sauce.    I hope you like it.

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butternut squash risotto with sage and saffron


It’s 82 degrees outside today.  But I will press forward with the fall recipes.

I was pretty happy with the way this recipe turned out.  Then again, I would be happy with pretty much anything that has a handful of parmesan cheese thrown into it.

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